Why am I running?

On January 6, 2021, my wife and I were watching our one year old granddaughter, not an uncommon occurrence. I had made plans to watch the election certification and took advantage of that to spend some extra time with her. We were watching the certification with disbelief as the unthinkable began to happen, an insurrection at our Capitol. I was devastated and in tears as I held my granddaughter. As I looked into her eyes and thought to myself, in 10 years how will I be able to explain to her that our country wasn’t like this when her pop pop grew up. More importantly, how could I ever look her in the eyes again and tell her that her pop pop could have done something, but I choose not to. I'm choosing to do something, for her, for your children and grandchildren, for you, for us, for our country. 
family gardenA family man and community official for over 30 years, Hector Tavarez is always looking to take an active approach to improve community and law enforcement relations.

My name is Hector Tavarez and I’d like to earn the opportunity to represent you in Washington DC as your 2nd District Congressman. I have lived in South Jersey my entire life. I was born in Hammonton, grew up in Mullica Township, attended Oakcrest High School in Hamilton Township.

I’ve given a lot of thought to running for office in the past and even spent a year on the EHT Board of Education. Ultimately, I always concluded that continuing to run the Police Activities League of Egg Harbor Township and Atlantic County was the best way for me to continue to contribute to the community. However, recently I’ve had to reconsider my decision. The inability of our political parties to accomplish the people's work, the actions of our very own 2nd District Congressman, pledging his undying loyalty to a president and the insurrection on January 6, 2021 has convinced me that it's time for me to act.
pal groupAs Executive Director of EHT PAL, Hector has had the opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder with Democrats, Republicans and Independents to achieve positive goals in the community.

As your congressman, I will always vote my conscience in support of the next generation, the people of our district and the Constitution of the United States of America. I will reach across the aisle, walk down the street, across town, across the state and the country to get things done. I will not play party politics, pledge my allegiance to a party or a president. My work will always be for the benefit of all the people of the 2nd District of NJ. It is not my hope to become a career politician. I hope to serve my country, inspire others to help fix our democracy and then return home to my family, job and the life I love in the country I love.
lt governor oliverHector Tavarez meeting with Lt. Governor Oliver regarding Atlantic County initiatives earlier this year (2021).

I grew up in a large 9 person family with my parents, 4 sisters, 2 brothers and I who all lived in a small house with just one bathroom. My parents still live in our childhood home. My wife of 32 years, Denise, and I have lived in Egg Harbor Township for the last 32 years. We have 3 incredible children and two amazing granddaughters.

large familyLarge Tavarez family gathering for Thanksgiving.

I have an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice from Atlantic Cape Community College and a Bachelor's Degree from Richard Stockton University. I’ve also graduated from the West Point Command and Leadership School and Certified Public Manager program.

I was hired by the Egg Harbor Township Police department in 1986 at the age of 20. From the very beginning I was a community oriented police officer, meaning, I’d prefer to solve a problem and prevent a crime than have a need to solve a crime. I chose to become a police officer because I wanted to help people.

age20 hectorA young Hector Tavarez at the ground breaking ceremony for renovations at the Tilton Road EHT PAL building.In 1989, along with 5 other officers from the EHTPD and local volunteers, we started the Egg Harbor Township Police Athletic League. We started this for many reasons, but one in particular: we wanted to improve the relationship between the youth in our community and the police officers of the agency. We could not think of a better way than to help provide activities for children and be involved in their lives. We worked out of our police cars with small activities such as movies and basketball. We made a difference and 32 years later, we continue to make a difference.

After 25 years of service, a very successful career with many accomplishments and many fond memories, I retired as a captain in 2011. I am proud to say that I continue as the Executive Director of the EHTPAL, now called the Police Activities League of Egg Harbor Township and Atlantic County to better reflect our service area. Today, we have over 20,000 square feet of recreational buildings on 35 acres, serving about 800 children annually from throughout South Jersey. Soon we will open a new 24,000 foot athletic arena with a rock wall, media center, e-sports and observatory. While our focus today is more on STEM and Robotics, we still operate an off highway vehicle trails park, laser tag and a variety of summer camp programs. Our new building will see us return to athletics and other activities as we continue to serve and prepare to do so well into the future. 


OakcrestHector is a member of the Oakcrest Athletic Hall of Fame.My entire life I have been blessed with a wonderful family, fantastic coaches, police officer mentors, awesome teachers and other incredible mentors. I am not saying I have not failed, stumbled, been pushed down and even kicked when I was down, but I've always gotten up, brushed myself off, learned from the experience and gotten stronger and better.

FAA furloughHector Tavarez worked hard to support furloughed federal employees.I loved my career as a police officer.
I was often told I should be in business for myself because of how hard I worked and how much I accomplished. However, making lots of money was never a motivator, even though I am fortunate to have a great job at the EHTPAL and a wonderful and appreciative Board of Directors.

My name is Hector Tavarez.
I will represent you well in Washington DC as your 2nd District Congressman not because I am like you, because I am you and because I never ever want to look my children and grandchildren in the eye and tell them I chose to do nothing to save our country.

God Bless America and may God protect our troops, teachers, and first responders!

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