Hector Tavarez’s Positions on the Issues

Health Care

I strongly support implementing changes that will help the U.S. control health care costs and still achieve high quality care and universal basic coverage availability for everyone. Whether we, as a nation, choose Medicare for All, the Affordable Care Act or public option we need to be sure we achieve those goals. As the greatest nation in the world, we must take the lead on health care. We need to ensure that health care is available to everyone throughout the U.S. Every American deserves access to quality health care. Health care also needs to be affordable for all families. Yearly increases in insurance premiums are putting quality care with low deductibles and low out of pocket expenses out of reach for many families in New Jersey.

However, making healthcare available and affordable to all doesn’t mean there are facilities or even clinicians available to care for those needing care. We need to develop plans and strategies to ensure we have safe modern facilities and trained staff to work in them.

Climate Change & Protecting Our Environment

Climate change is real and we must be good stewards of our environment, not only for economic and national security issues, but also for the existential threat to all humanity. Our future generations are counting on us to leave them a world with clean water and air, free from climate induced natural disasters such as flooding, and excessive weather events. We must transform the climate change discussion from the anti-business narrative of excessive regulation to a strategy that creates economic incentives to protect our environment that are as strong as those that encourage those to ignore the science.  

Strengthening Labor Unions

I will be a U.S. Representative who listens to Labor, champions Davis-Bacon prevailing wage legislation and works hard to strengthen Labor Unions in New Jersey. I will work with unions to help improve wage parity, provide employment and economic opportunity, and safe working conditions.


I will fight for and honor our Veterans to ensure we acknowledge their service and sacrifice. I will make sure that Veterans in our community have top-notch services to help them navigate the federal benefit systems. I will push for increasing funds to the VA and to hold the VA system to the highest of standards.

I will work closely with our Veteran service organizations and groups to ensure that our retiring servicemen have access to educational opportunities, employment, first-class healthcare and rehabilitation. Our Veterans deserve better and they deserve for their voices to be heard. I will also commit to improve management of the care administered by the VA. We have to overhaul its IT systems, expand telehealth services, and improve healthcare access for our female Veterans. Our Veterans deserve our respect and the best services available. 

Women’s Rights & Pay Equity

Historically, women had to fight to gain the same rights as their male counterparts. Whether it  was the right to vote, equal pay for equal work or even the ability to decide what happens with their own body. The struggles to achieve parity have been hard and the fight continues. 

I strongly support a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions. Moreover, organizations like Planned Parenthood should be fully funded to continue their mission to support women's health, healthcare access and reproductive rights.

I will work hard to guarantee all women are ensured pay equity, equal opportunity and environments free of harassment.  

A Strong South Jersey Economy

Currently, the economy of South Jersey is dependent on tourism, agriculture and technology. However, the South Jersey region needs to diversify even more in order to provide a solid foundation for economic stability that encourages our best and brightest to stay working right here, building a stronger South Jersey. 

I will lead the effort to promote South Jersey and will strongly advocate for legislation that keeps our beaches clean, our air fresh and our water clear. I will support our farmers, promote and create regional tourism opportunities, support the William J. Hughes Technical Center, and promote technology-based industries throughout the district. I will support legislation that promotes and builds trade schools, creates jobs throughout the district, supports and protects our labor unions and their members. In addition, I will create a South Jersey Jobs Leadership Team that brings together citizens, labor leaders, business leaders, community leaders, teachers and students to discuss ways to create more living wage jobs in New Jersey.

Policing & Law Enforcement

As a young police officer, I was instrumental in getting the Egg Harbor Township Police Athletic League (EHTPAL) established. The EHTPAL was created to promote a positive relationship between our officers, youth and the community. Over the last 32 years our organization has served more than 32,000 children and their families from the South Jersey area. Today, the organization is called the Police Activities League of Egg Harbor Township and Atlantic County and as its Executive Director, I am proud to say we continue to promote and create positive relations with our Atlantic County and South Jersey law enforcement agencies and the communities we serve. 

As a retired police captain, I can tell you, no one hates a bad cop more than a good cop. The 2nd Congressional District has some of the finest law enforcement agencies in the country. Good officers and law enforcement agencies deserve and need our respect and support. I will co-sponsor legislation that will provide funding for police agencies that adopt and practice proactive, community and problem-solving oriented policing. I will co-sponsor legislation that provides funding for police agencies that adopt professional standards of hiring and promotions, require the investigation and appropriate action of reported acts of misconduct, provides funding for officers’ body cameras and provides funding for training and professional career development.

Public Education, College & Trade School

I strongly support the goals of the New Jersey Education Association and the New Jersey Federation of Teachers. It is important to a growing and thriving democracy that our people be well educated and well trained. We must not only create hope for a positive future, but opportunity for success. I will support college and trade school tuition assistance for deserving students, policies that encourage our children to work hard, study hard and excel. I will also support college and trade school funding for those that serve honorably in our armed forces, forgiveness of school loans in exchange for military service, for those that teach in our most in needy schools and other fields in need of a workforce that supports the growth and security of America.

Protect the Right to Vote 

One of our most cherished and most protected rights as Americans is our right to vote for our elected representatives. It is a right guaranteed by the Constitution.  Our right to vote in a free and reliable election must be protected from our enemies, both foreign and domestic. I believe that every eligible American voter should be allowed to vote at no charge, conveniently, without long delays, without discrimination, regardless of socioeconomic status, in a safe and secure atmosphere and if necessary, by closely monitored, verifiable and reliable mail-in ballot. Making Election Day a national federal holiday would also give more voters access to same-day voting centers and free up workers for the polls. I will support expanding access to voting centers, especially in densely populated areas, so people don’t have to travel far or have to spend money for transportation to get to the ballot box. I believe that we should have voter IDs that are free, reliable and convenient, as well as easy to obtain. I will take necessary steps to protect your right to vote and protect the integrity of our elections.

Violence Prevention & 2nd Amendment Rights

I support the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution, but recognize the need to protect our communities from violent criminals and those challenged with mental health issues. I will introduce legislation that protects the rights of law-abiding citizens to own firearms, creates and requires efficient universal background checks that include cross checking with military databases prior to allowing purchase. The legislation will require a review after a conviction for a violent crime or psychiatric episode, keeping firearms out of the hands of convicted violent offenders and out of the hands of those struggling with mental health concerns. I will support legislation that creates enhanced penalties for violent crimes, requires that firearms be properly secured by owners, increases funding for mental health treatment and funding for studies to determine causes of violent crimes. This legislation will establish best practices to prevent violent crimes, fund education and training programs to help prevent violent crimes and sternly punish criminals, not law-abiding citizens.  

Investment in Our Next Generation

There is nothing more important in this world than our children and grandchildren. Our children's future will be on my mind in every vote and every action. I will write, introduce and aggressively advocate for legislation to fund after and out-of-school recreational and discovery programs, out-of-school meal programs and STEM based education. I will also advocate for legislation that protects our children and for the construction of new, modern community and youth centers.

Secure Borders & Fair Immigration

The South Jersey economy relies and depends on quality immigrant workers for our farms, tourism industries, restaurants and other jobs Americans do not want. Our South Jersey employers struggle to fill positions as profits are lost and service suffers. I will introduce and support legislation that keeps our borders secure, but creates a path for those who seek the American way of life and want to work to support our South Jersey employers. 

While they may be undocumented immigrants, referring to human beings as "illegal" sets the tone for negative dialogue. We are a country of immigrants and our diversity is our strength. However, as a nation, we do not have unlimited resources. I will introduce legislation that creates a path to citizenship for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), creates fair and reasonable immigration laws that do not overburden the taxpayers, secures our borders, but requires humane and decent treatment of all human beings, and regulates and controls immigration for those who seek the American way of life. 

I will identify strategies that work to support citizens in the nations where those citizens believe it’s safer to travel hundreds or thousands of miles through dangerous terrain to seek a safer life for themselves or their families rather than remain in their homeland. I understand that political asylum is a valid reason to immigrate. America cannot be a true world leader if we turn our backs on those most in need at the greatest time of their need. 

America as a Strong World Leader

I believe that we must resolve our internal conflicts, regain our strength as a unified country and resume our role as a world leader. History has shown that when the U.S.A. is passive or withdraws from the world stage, the world is a more dangerous place. I support a strong military, our military families and our Veterans. I will support fair trade deals that make our country and our allies strong. 

Equality for All

Equal rights are guaranteed by our Constitution and every American and every human being should be treated with dignity and respect.  I will work tirelessly to dismantle systemic racism wherever it exists. Equal rights should not be determined based on someone's gender identification, sexual orientation, color of their skin, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, or political affiliation. I will support equal rights for all people, continue to support the advancement and non-discrimination in the LGBTQ+ community, people of all colors and those that are economically disadvantaged, physically or emotionally challenged and fight systemic racism. I support and fight for diversity in our government, educational institutions and businesses because our diversity is our strength. 

Social Programs Support 

Social programs were designed to assist American families in need to get themselves up on their feet and improve their lives and the lives of their children. Over the years, these programs have, for some, evolved into a way of life, generation after generation with no improvement in their standard of living. I believe these programs must return to their original intent, a hand up, not a hand out.  I will introduce legislation that will invest in and find ways to improve families and provide hope and positive futures. I will support providing assistance for Americans in need to help get them back on their feet and improve their lives, not just maintain them, including free quality job and life skills training, child care assistance and the financial support of youth and community centers. 

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